Spicy chicken taliwang-cuisine typical Lombok

Are you a fan of spicy food? if yes, we can be sure you know the typical regional cuisine called Ayam Bakar Lombok Taliwang. The menu is a grilled chicken extra spicy and fresh, plus plecing kangkungnya, make sure to eat voraciously plus extra sweating.

Incidentally, I love Indonesian food, especially the spicy tasteful, although my stomach often can not take a compromise, bad taste in the mouth for a little pain does not matter (if it's not bad plus sick nah it should be shunned hehehe).

In Jakarta Taliwang Chicken Grill menu can be found in restaurants Chicken Taliwang Brothers, which provides chili cuisine. Located in an area commander Polim, worth a try for fans of spicy food. Every visit there, I always order grilled chicken menu plecing plus plecing kale, sometimes coupled with satay menu awl. For the grilled chicken plecing valued Rp 33.000, - only, plus plecing kale at Rp 12,000, - per serving. Relatively small size of the chicken, because it uses chicken, which certainly gurihnya steady. With the process of cooking a meticulous, supposedly fried and burned many times, taste the meat is really tasty, spicy felt deeply into the meat, not just on the surface. Coupled with siramnya sauce, spicy taste was maximal, tissue ready before a flood of sweat.

grilled chicken plecing panjiatmojo 

Plecing kangkung also no less delicious, fresh chilies kale, coupled with bean sprouts, peanuts and coconut shavings (I think), plus tomato sauce and paste, guaranteed to make your mouth drool flooded. It was spicy and sour mix that is very fitting. Could also try the same menu at Chicken Grill Taliwang Brothers located in Bandung, kale plecing cooled before serving add the fresh taste.

For those who have never tried this Lombok typical dishes, I encourage you to immediately taste it and get a flood of sweat and want to add hold.
Location Taliwang Brothers Chicken restaurant at Jln. Polim Commander IV / 125, next to the Gado-gado Boplo or across Mbah Prancing (Commander Polim). 

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