Explanation about Linux and Design Principle

As a result of the development of PC technology , the complete linux kernel also implements the functions in UNIX . Quickly and efficiently is a critical design goal , but lately more concentration on the development of Linux is the third design goal is standardization . POSIX standard specification consists of a collection of different aspects of the behavior of the operating system . No documents POSIX operating system to function as usual and for extensions to thread and process real-time operation . Linux is designed to be consistent with the relevant POSIX documents ; least two Linux distributions that have been certified POSIX officials .

Linux Design PrinciplesBecause Linux provides a standard interface to the programmer and the user , Linux does not make a lot of purpose to anyone already familiar with UNIX . But referring to the Linux programming interface semantics of UNIX SVR4 on BSD behavior . Different library collection available to implement BSD semantics in a place where two very different behavior .

There are many other standards in the UNIX world , but full certification against other standards UNIX Linux sometimes be slow because it is more often available for a price ( not free ) , and there is a price to pay if it involves the approval or certification of suitability of an operating system on most standard . Important broad application support for all operating systems so that the implementation of standards is a major goal the development of Linux currently supports extensions and a subset of POSIX threads extension. Good Luck by +Bungas Zahid
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