White sand Senggigi Lombok island - Indonesia

Senggigi Beach is the most famous tourist spot in Lombok. It is on the west coast of  Lombok Island. Location in more detail located in Lombok heading to the northern section. Senggigi Beach is not at Kuta Beach in Bali, but once we were here will feel like staying in Kuta Beach Bali. Entering the Senggigi beach area, travelers will surely greeted by a soothing gentle breeze and beautiful views terutaman when the sun sets on the beach.

Coastal beaches are still beautiful , although there are still strewn garbage foliage because rarely cleaned, but it will feel so natural because in the switch with a good view as : 

- Very beautiful underwater scenery, and tourists can do as much snorkeling as the waves are not too big. 

- Coral reefs towering ketengah cause large waves breaking in the middle. 


- There are also hotels with varying prices, from expensive to economically valuable hotel and other facilities that support for tourism so that visitors get the desired facilities. 

This beach is visited by many tourists from outside or from within the country. Thus making the government to restructure the facilities that support for the progress made ​​in the surrounding area so it becomes more beautiful beaches.

Let's go to Lombok by +Bungas Zahid 
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kayak e asik nih tempatnya. jadi gk sabar pengen kesana akhir pekan ini

@PPOB asyik banget sob . . indah banget pemandangan dan pasir putihnya .

pantai di lombok bagus bagus banget ..

bener sob. . . semua pantainya indah . .Lombok is beautiful

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